Submersible Pumps

The PRICE PUMPS Australia Electric-Submersible Slurry Pump range is a versatile pump designed for Mining and Civil applications where the water is contaminated with suspended solids such as coal fines, sand, and mud.
Used to remove water, soft and abrasive material, sludges, and slurries from Industrial, Municipal, Agricultural, and Government Lagoons, Ponds, Lakes, Canals, and flooded and flood threatened areas as well as to irrigate farms and ranches.
Designed to maximise service life, through lower RPM, coupled with the hydraulic design the lower pump speed also benefits the service life of critical parts, mechanical seals, and bearings. The wet end components are manufactured from materials designed for high abrasion. Giving superior service life, this coupled with an extra-large hydraulic passage allows larger particles to pass.
The motor is protected by a superior double mechanical seal and probes to detect water ingress into the mechanical sea oil chamber. The wet end is fitted with an integrated agitator, come breaker; this will ensure that only particles of the correct size enter the chamber, plus creating adequate flow turbulence to keep suspended solids flowing.